My style is romantic, timeless, emotional and sometimes DRAMATIC! I LOVE love! I enjoy working with couples who love having FUN, who are truly romantics and love creating one of a kind images! We specialize in authentic, real moments. This is your dream, these are your memories and we want to capture them exactly as they happen! You've probably dreamed about your wedding day your entire life (well us ladies have anyway) down to every last detail! We want you to trust us and feel so relaxed that you totally sink into his arms and forget we are even there. After all, these moments will be shared and celebrated for a lifetime. Long after the cake is eaten and the champagne drank....your photos remain. Your wedding day memories are where it all begins. These are the memories your Grandchildren will flip through. There are so may choices on your wedding day, photography is the one choice you will live with forever! 

i'm dawn

hello gorgeous

We have property in Costa Rica so we travel there a few times a year. We go to the OSA peninsula. It's off the grid. My husband surfs and I take the pics! It's like a Nat Geo experience all in one place!

costa rica

Coffee before talking! No, seriously...No alarm clocks for me! I promise my husband is very happy to never have to wake me up ever again!  


My current obsessions...
This is us. 
Say yes to the dress, NCIS and Friends
which never gets old!

tv shows

I have close, transparent friendships only! Mamma ain't got time for the drama!  Friends that build one another up, sweetly correct and help one another to be the best we can be! 


I love the beach-It's my happy place.  I like white and black sand beaches, beaches on the East coast or the West, beaches with cliffs and with rocks too. Atlantic, Caribbean, or Pacific, I love you.
My soul is turquoise I am certain. 

the beach

I have a strong faith and I am nothing without it. I have been through a lot of  stuff  but I have received just as many blessings!
Without the love, forgiveness and grace of God I would not be where I am today!

my faith

things i love

I believe photography is a powerful way to show the world what we feel in our hearts.

Our love child, Riley, is our fur baby. He loves to hunt, dig, and run. His favorite things are us, the beach, chasing lizards and birds. He is also quite a cuddler! If we are in bed, working or resting, he will take that opportunity to get sweet cuddles. He has to be touching us at all times. We absolutely love that he was our first baby!

our fur baby

In 2016 we were blessed with a child. We found out through a friend that a lawyer of hers was looking for a couple to adopt a baby that wasn't yet born. We contacted the lawyer and after a ton of prayers and paperwork, one week later, we were chosen to be this little girls parents. Three months later...we were parents! We brought her home on Christmas day!

our gift 

We battled a while with infertility. We always knew we were meant to adopt but we wanted to try the old fashioned way as well. After three years of trying we decided we were solely meant to adopt. We can't imagine life without her in it! We love our little family!!!

my family

My husband is my life and my biggest support. He is the calm to my crazy.  He's totally like no other man I have ever known. He loves to fish, surf, and build! He is currently renovating our forever home and I could not be more grateful. He is one of many gifts from God that I never thought I deserved. 

my husband

& heart

more about my story

10. I'm a bit ocd, a bit perfectionist. This bodes well for you. 

9. Get me some lularoe, or yoga pants and some hot tea and it's my kind of party!

8. On my days off you can find me boating, enjoying a sunset and happy hour. 

7. I'm not ashamed to be a bling-a-holic. 

6. I finally found my husband at age 38. He was so worth the wait!!!!

5. I'm unapologetically addicted to Grey's. 

4. 99.9% chance I'll shake my booty at your wedding. I'm a #recoveringclubgirl

3. I may have owned over 100 pairs of shoes at one time! 

2. If I wasn't in my 40's I'd live off of iced caramel latte's and chick-fil-a.

1. If driving alone in the car I can go from #momlife to #thuglife in 5 seconds flat.

about me

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