I never thought I would get married. Years and years waiting, watching all my friends get married battling the dreaded "why are you still single" question?!! Man, did God ever save his best for me. He is kind and hardworking, adores me loves God too! I know, everybody says that but it's true! God carefully handpicked and worked out our story and it is my favorite. God gave me more than I ever deserved or dreamed of in this man so I whole-heartedly celebrate with each and every one of you.  My story drives my passion, but your story is my priority. I treat YOUR wedding as if it were my own. 

Hey, I'm Dawn!

Your Palm Beach & South Florida wedding photographer

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One of our favorite places to go is in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Look up Encanta la vida-It's our happy place! Surfing, off the grid and the best dang drinks you ever had!

costa rica

Coffee before talking! No, seriously...No alarm clocks for me! I promise my husband is very happy to never have to wake me up ever again!  


My current obsessions...
This is us. 
Say yes to the dress, NCIS and Friends
which never gets old!

tv shows

I have close, transparent friendships only! Mamma ain't got time for the drama!  Friends that build one another up, sweetly correct and help one another to be the best we can be! 


I love the beach-It's my happy place.  I like white and black sand beaches, beaches on the East coast or the West, beaches with cliffs and with rocks too. Atlantic, Caribbean, or Pacific, I love you.
My soul is turquoise I am certain. 

the beach

I have a strong faith and I am nothing without it. I have been through a lot of  stuff  but I have received just as many blessings!
Without the love, forgiveness and grace of God I would not be where I am today!

my faith

things i love

We believe that vendors should be part of the reason you have the best day of your life. 

Riley, our first baby. Our only boy. He is so mamma's boy and I am completely 100% okay with that! He is obsessed with hunting anything that moves. He gives the best cuddles around. 

our fur baby

My sweet Isabella. She is so silly and strong. She is a leader. She is fun and so smart. She has 200 facial expressions within one minute and she is decisive and independent.  She is ME! God help us! No, seriously though...she is AMAZING and we are blessed! 

our gift 

In 2013 I married this man! In 2016 we adopted a child. We found out about her through a friend. After ONE WEEK, a ton of prayer and paperwork, we were chosen to be this little girls parents. Three months later...she was born! We brought her home on Christmas day!

my family

My husband is my life and my biggest support. He is the calm to my crazy.  He's totally like no other man I have ever known. Don't get me wrong...he still drives me crazy like no other! BUT, I would rather be crazy with with him than without!

my husband

& heart

more about my story

1. If driving alone in the car I can go from #momlife to #thuglife in 5 seconds flat.
2. On my days off you can find me on a boat-or snuggling with my babies. 
3. I made it through the wilderness...with Carmel Latte's
4. 150% chance I'll shake my booty at your wedding. 
5. I'm unapologetically addicted to Grey's!  
6. I'm Italian! Loud, passionate and assertive with a  big heart and HATE injustice. 
7. I retired from my job to pursue my dreams! I'm #livingmybestlife
8. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...
9. Most days I'm chillin' in my yoga pants chasing a toddler hoping and praying they don't self-destruct over a crayon.
10. I'm a bit OCD, a bit perfectionist. This bodes well for you. 

about me

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