Whether you want to hire me to pick my brain or learn off-camera lighting, learn how to use Lightroom or learn about all your camera settings, or how to shoot in natural lighting, I'm your girl! You will be doing a real, live session with me and I learn best by doing so this is how I teach as well. I shoot with Canon cameras so if you don't, it is best for you to know your settings and how to change them for these sessions. 

You will shoot and learn! We will shoot together and I will provide you with tips throughout and help you with settings and I'll help you learn how to pose clients best. I will help you see what to avoid with each client and location! I will have models ready for whatever avenue you are wanting to learn the most. The great thing about models is that they are real clients. I choose models from previous or present clients and they know they are there to help you. So they are patient as I take the time to pause and teach you and help you to be the amazing photographer you dream of.

for photographers


Some people learn best from sitting down with us and having us point out distractions in the photos or things that could have been done better. This space is not negative but informative and gives life to where you can grow and see things differently. Sometimes people just need to have vision and know the basics to make something extraordinary. 

The Critique Session

This is the perfect way to be completely focused and learn everything you could possible think of to help you become a better photographer. One thing you may not know about me is that I am self-taught. I took one class before starting my business and learned everything else on my own, the hard way! I know everything that works and everything that does not. A lot of photographers don't want to give away their secrets, but after walking in your shoes, I decided I would make myself available to help because I want people like you to succeed!

One On One Mentoring