Hi there, I'm Dawn, a Jupiter wedding photographer! I never thought I would get married. Years and years waiting, watching all my friends get married battling the dreaded "why are you still single" question?!! At 38 I met the man that is perfect for me! He is kind, hardworking and such a great Dad! I'm so thankful for this man and our story, it's my favorite.
God gave me more than I ever deserved or dreamed of in this man so I whole-heartedly celebrate with each and every one of you.

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Jupiter Wedding Photographer 

One of our favorite places to go is in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Look up Encanta la vida-It's our happy place! Surfing, off the grid and the best dang drinks you ever had!

costa rica

Coffee before talking!  Seriously though, my brain takes longer than my body to wake up! So you have been warned. Don't poke the bear! 


Current obsessions...
A few that just never get old...
Greys, Station 19, Blue bloods. 
NCIS, Virgin River, House hunters and even SYTTD!

tv shows

I love close, transparent relationships that are life giving. We are legacy building over here- breaking chains of bondage off our kids lives. I ain't got time for surfacy relationships or drama!


I love the ocean-by boat or beach...It's my happy place. Whether here, Costa Rica, Cali or Africa, the ocean, in all it's forms, has my heart!

the beach

I have a strong faith and I am nothing without it. I have been through a lot but I overcome.
Without the love, forgiveness and grace of God I would not be where I am today!

my faith

things i love

luxury experience without
the luxury price tag.

Riley, our first boy. The original OG! He is a mamma's boy and I am 100% okay with that! He is obsessed with treats, hunting and cuddling!

our fur baby

In 2016 we adopted our first child. After ONE WEEK and  a lot of prayer + paperwork, we were chosen to be her parents! On Christmas day we brought her home! After that, we decided our next heart's desire was fostering. After 3 years this little man is officially adopted too! Although his journey has been challenging, we are so excited to now be a family of 4!

my family, my gift

My husband is my life and my biggest support. He is the calm to my crazy. He's 100% the laid back one. He's like no other man I have ever known. I call him McGayver because he can build or fix anything. He calms my crazy and I would rather be crazy with him than without!

my husband

& heart

 my story

1. I'm a recovering club-girl. 300% will dance at your wedding! In the middle of the action is where I want to be getting the coolest shots. 
2. Days off you can find me in my hammock or on a boat sipping something tropical mixed with my man Tito.
3. I have adopted two children!
4. I don't have a lot of BTS because I'm so focused and in the moment. I have to hire people to do it for me!
5. My first wedding was by donation! (15+ years ago!)
6. I'm Italian, sassy and little sarcastic! I will stand up for you, and direct guest and family if needed, all while making them laugh at the same time.
7. I'm grateful to God that I get to do what I love! Palm Beach wedding photographer is the best job EVER!
8. We added CONTENT CREATION to our collections!  GET EXCITED!
9. I will likely tear up at some point during your wedding day!
10. I'm a bit OCD, a bit perfectionist and a lot of fun! This combo bodes well for you.

about me

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