We will send you a contract and a link through our software with options to pay and set up payments all in one place! Once the contract is signed and the retainer is received, you are officially booked and on our calendar! The two must be completed to fully reserve your date.

We want to book with you! What's next?

All cancellations will lose their retainer. However, if you simply just need to change your wedding date, we will do our best to work something out with you. If we have the new wedding date available and you have cancelled at least six months prior to the old date, there is no charge and your retainer will transfer.

What happens if we have to cancel or change our date?

We hand edit all of the images from your wedding day and deliver them to you un-watermarked with printing rights. Typically for an 8 hour wedding you'll receive about 800-1000 images. We don't demand you print with us, so we give you the right to print wherever your hearts desire but we will also certainly give you great options as well. 

Will I receive all the images taken?

Yes! We serve all of Florida, Charleston, SC and beyond. Anything under 2.5 hours of a drive is free. I like to sleep in my bed so I will go home if at all possible! We absolutely love destination weddings though! Any destination wedding will have flight, car rental, and hotel fees added onto our regular collection pricing. Although, be sure to inquire within to know exactly what you would need to have covered for your big day because there are a lot of places on my wedding bucket list to shoot at and we might just be able to make a deal! ;) Recently, we shot a wedding in Cape Town, South Africa!

Will you travel for my special day?

Yes we do! We carry up to two million in liability insurance. We can email it to the venue for you.

My venue asked for liability insurance, do you carry it ?

Typically, it is one to two weeks, but sometimes we have more than one wedding in a weekend and it may take us a little longer to prepare and hand edit your images but it will NEVER be longer than 30 days and we will let you know if we are that busy.  Your photos will be delivered via link to an online album. 

How and when my photos delivered?

We are prepared and trained to handle any situation the day throws at us. Indoor or out, we can make it work. Howvere, we also know first hand the "dream of the perfect wedding photos". It rained on my wedding day, and because of that, I offer a "rainy day promise", which means you will have the option to do a makeup session, in your wedding dress, taking place after your big day to capture those dreamy photos if it is as important to you as it was to me. I know all the tricks to make this happen affordably and effortlessly. 

What if it rains on our big day?

All of our collections include two consultations. One, to meet and go over all of the amazing details of your day and the second will take place a couple months before, at your venue, to map out your day. Anything over six hours includes two photographers, a sneak peek of your day will be posted within same day and a larger sneak peek within 24 hours. Planning/timeline assistance to help organize your day, a rainy wedding day promise, and a list of our best vendors are included as well. We will deliver your images anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on our busy season. You'll receive a USB and an online album to be shared with friends and family with ease. 

What's included?

Of course! A weekday wedding, off-season wedding date, only hiring one photographer, referral from a preferred bride of ours, or an exclusive wedding venue we specifically want to shoot at are some ways to cut down the cost. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, inquire and share with us as much as you can...cause you just never know who I feel led to bless!

Are there other ways to work within our budget?

YES! Because there are so many factors that go into pricing we really like to have a phone conversation and then meet with our clients to go over all the ins and outs. Our starting price $2000 is for 6 hrs and two photographers if that helps! There are so many factors that go into pricing so send us an email and we will get this process started! Everyone's needs are different, so we like to provide custom pricing. 

Can you send us pricing?

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