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6 BIG Regrets booking your Photographer: 6 BIG Regrets to Avoid When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

It was the perfect evening. The perfect setting. You were wearing the perfect new dress. Everything about this experience was just… perfect. You’re pretty sure you’ve never felt this euphoric before.
You’re engaged! And that rock? You just can’t. stop. looking at it!!!
Without a doubt, there are plenty of things swirling through your head right now. The most important thing is to enjoy the moment. Enjoy being engaged! Come explore the 6 BIG Regrets to Avoid When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Once things have settled and you begin the task of putting together a wedding checklist, one of THE more important things on your list should be to choose a photographer. But not just any photographer. Capturing the moments leading up to, during, and after your wedding ceremony are treasures you’ll look back on forever. You want someone who’s going to care about those moments just as much as you.
With that in mind, here are five big regrets to avoid when booking your wedding photographer:

Not hiring an experienced professional
Experience is learned over years of working weddings, including learning everything you can about lighting. Every wedding is different. Don’t assume every wedding photographer is alike. Some “specialize” in natural light. But, really, you need a photographer who knows what to do no matter what the lighting situation.

A well-rounded photographer who specializes in all types of lighting will know exactly what to do and when. Don’t leave it to guessing. This is why it’s important to look through a photographer’s entire wedding collection. Ask them to show you indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, getting ready photos, and a rainy day wedding. All of those require different lighting as you’re sure to experience on a wedding day.

Make sure your photographer shoots manually

This is a good indication they know how to control and manipulate the camera and the light. Uncle Bob or someone just starting out won’t necessarily have the same knowledge and skills as a seasoned professional who has hundreds of weddings under their belt, as well as many mentoring sessions, trainings, and workshops.

Booking based on budget alone
Your wedding day is filled with beautiful memories that you will share with generations to come. Not only is it the one thing you will take away from your wedding day besides your new husband or wife (or a video if you are lucky enough to have one), it connects us to the future. Most will spend anywhere from $2000-$5000 on their wedding images, albums and products depending on the specifics of your special day.

Professional photographers spend numerous hours training, getting their gear inspected, insured, and ready to make sure your special moments are safe. They will ensure there are back-ups, spend weeks editing, take time for consultations and planning, as well as making schedules for all their couples while building and maintaining the relationship with all of their clients. They are the one vendor that is with you ALL day and well after the wedding day has passed.

I personally have a friend who didn’t book with me because of budget. She found another photographer fast and within her budget. Unfortunately, they ran away with her money. By the time she called me back a month later, I was already booked when she needed me. She did the only thing she could and hired another photographer, and had the most horrible experience I have ever heard. Her biggest regret? Not booking Captured Beauty Photography and not taking the other photographer to court.

You have to be choosey! You have to ask all the right questions. The value of your wedding day images is priceless.

Being indecisive and waiting too long to book
If you have spotted your favorites, set up meetings and make sure you get along with them. Then, pray about it, talk about it with your significant other, read reviews, and do your research.

Make sure you bring a list of questions to ask the photographer when you meet them for the first time. Putting them on the spot and asking things will not only give you peace of mind, but also reveal a lot about their knowledge. Waiting too long can cause you to lose the photographer of your dreams. The great ones are snatched up quickly!

Not having a second photographer
A photographer who brings along a second shooter saves time – hands down. It also gives you two perspectives on your wedding day, providing more natural, candid images. It is impossible for one photographer to get “your look” as you walk toward him and also “his face” as you walk toward him. Two shooters remedy this. Most people want both the groom and bride to have “getting ready” photos; having two photographers makes this possible without having to rush.
Having a second shooter will also get you those detail photos of your day. Most of the time I have second photographers shoot details while I’m with the family or bridal party.

Not planning enough time for pictures
This is the single most recurring issue on wedding days. For whatever reason, people simply do not plan enough time. Often, they book the ceremony time with the church or venue without considering lighting, when sunset is, and how much time is needed for the amount of photos you have requested.
It never fails – if people are running late, the photography suffers. Photographers can only do so much in 5-10 minutes. When you are booking a photographer for their amazing lighting and artistry, you need to talk to them first to consider the day as a WHOLE. They can suggest a first look- or if you are totally against that they can strategically create a schedule that is efficient and realistic.

The last thing you want as a new bride and groom is to look back on your wedding day and wish you had captured more of the day or worse look back in fear that you won’t get any images. You can’t get that back. Choose wisely and avoid these five pit-falls so you have no regrets at the end of the day. Book us here! BOOK NOW!


























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