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Palm Beach Engagement

Claire & Steve are getting married in 2024 and we did their engagement session on Palm Beach Island. Usually, I use a mix of lighting and natural light but on this day, it was glorious cotton candy skies and when that happens, I always do natural lighting because it matches the softness of the light.

Worth Avenue is renowned for its European-inspired architecture, upscale boutiques, and lush Mediterranean courtyards. With its palm-lined streets and charming storefronts, it’s the perfect place to capture the essence of your love. Imagine holding hands with your partner as you wander down these enchanting lanes, laughter and love in the air.

The timeless elegance of Worth Avenue provides an exquisite canvas for your engagement photos. The classic architecture and pastel-colored walls create a backdrop that’s both refined and romantic. Whether you’re dressed in formal attire or casual chic, these surroundings will elevate your photos to a new level of sophistication.

One of the joys of photographing engagements on Worth Avenue is the discovery of hidden gems. Secret gardens, intricate wrought-iron gates, and charming alleyways offer countless opportunities for unique and intimate shots. It’s like stepping into a fairy tale with your best friend by your side.

Worth Avenue, with its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, offers spectacular sunset views. As the golden hour bathes the avenue in warm, soft light, it creates a magical atmosphere for your photos. It’s the perfect time to capture those stolen glances and tender kisses.

Any engagement session should reflect your unique love story. Whether you met over coffee or have a favorite spot along Worth Avenue, we can incorporate these personal touches into your session. Let’s make your love story come alive through every click of the camera.

This couple is super sweet and have the best sense of humor. We went all over Palm Beach but specifically near Peruvian and Worth Ave. We visited the Via’s and had a blast.

Our Team cannot wait for their Breakers West Wedding coming soon! Book your Engagement session with us too! We have a few more spots available for 2024! Contact us here.