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Tips for Palm Beach Couples

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Hey, lovely couples! First off, congratulations on finding your forever love. 💍 As you embark on this magical journey of planning your dream wedding in sunny Palm Beach, let’s sprinkle some professional pixie dust on that special day. Grab your favorite cup of coffee or some cocktails (or two! ☕️), and let’s dive into the first of Tips for Palm Beach Couples from your favorite Palm Beach Photographer!

1. **Golden Hour Glow**: In photography, the hour just before sunrise or sunset is pure magic. Consider only this timing for your engagement shoot. It is during this golden hour timeframe that we get that dreamy, sun-kissed look. Us pro’s usually only shoot during these times of the day for the best results. If you have booked your hair + makeup trial, choosing sunset gives you more flexibility for timing.

2. **Stay True to YOU**: Your photos should reflect your unique love story. Whether you’ve traveled together, danced in the rain, or simply enjoyed countless cups of coffee side by side, infuse elements of your journey into your photos. We LIVE to make your unique love story come to life. There are so many unique places around Jupiter and Palm Beach. Swanky coffee shops, speak-easy bars, and many more. Let’s make your engagement session vision happen! We know all the good spots!

3. **Practice Makes Perfect**: Before the big day, the BEST way to practice your poses with your partner is the engagement photoshoot. This helps ease nerves and ensures you’re comfortable in front of the camera with your partner and your photographer. We don’t all know exactly how to pose or how to organically look like we just stepped out of a magazine. But, with a little help from your favorite photographer, you can look like you did! I am super visual, so I know instinctively how to make things look amazing.

4. **Coordinate, Don’t Match**: Instead of wearing matching outfits, opt for colors and patterns that complement each other. Think harmony, not twinsies! Gone are the days where people tried to match. I am here to help in this dept. We can send a styling guide to help you visually see what will compliment and what will not. Some couples do a casual outfit, as well as a fancier outfit. Some, do two fancy outfits. I am always down for a suit and a fancy dress!

5. **Location, Location, Location**: Palm Beach is filled with picturesque spots. From lush gardens to serene beaches, we scout locations that resonate with your love story. From love street to Worth Ave and Jupiter beaches and beyond, there are so many locations we love. Choosing a location that is stunning or choosing a location that is near and dear to your heart is a personal decision, but we, as professional photographers always want to be in the know. Some locations may charge and some charge. Some charge less on a weekday than a weekend. Some have restrictions for sessions so it’s always good to chat with us or the venue in person before booking it. For instance, Jupiter Lighthouse charges a fee but you are not allowed to go to the top for photos during that session.

6. **Relax and Enjoy**: Remember, this day is about celebrating your love. Breathe, shake your booty a little, and let loose! Authentic smiles and laughter make the best photos. Chase each other, do nose kisses and dance in the sand. We are here for all those sweet moments. Getting our couples relaxed, is a process that begins at the booking. We start a relationship that day. The closer you are to someone, the more comfortable you will be. That is precisely why we give a complimentary engagement session. It is for both of us to continue that relationship and to see how we work together and how the flow of the day will go. We will find out how each other communicates and how each other listens. It is so important. Don’t get me wrong, we will still make epic wedding photos for you, but the comfortability for you, on your wedding day, will be better.

7. **Back-Up Plan**: Florida weather can be so unpredictable! Especially in the later months of spring. Always have a backup plan or location in case of sudden showers. Rain can be a beautiful backdrop too and we love capturing it in its beauty. And that after the storm sunset is typically EPIC. But there is always the possibility of a bombed out rainy day. That is precisely why, I started that rainy day makeup session complimentary. It rained on our wedding day and then it rained on our makeup session. We pay so much for the wedding day and have legit “wedding day photo” dreams. I GET IT! Lived it. So, it’s included. A back-up plan in the collection. You’re welcome. I needed it too. I hope and pray that you do not need it, but it is, very nice to have if you ever do!

8. **Trust Your Photographer**: You’ve chosen a pro for a reason! Communicate your wishes, but also trust their creative vision and expertise. We always say, IF you have inspiration, send it to us before the big day. We love to dream with you. If there are some “must have” shots, make sure they are known. While we do not work off a list, we can certainly incorporate those few must have shots into the day. It is hard to be creative while working off a list, so be choosy and we are specific. In the end, we want you to be over the moon with your photos!

9. **Treasure the Moments**: Your wedding journey is a whirlwind of emotions and moments. Take time to pause, cherish these moments, EAT and remember the love that brought you both together. There will be so many moments in your day and your life that will be documented (and we are here for them all) so all you need to do is be in the moments and enjoy every minute, and we will capture it all. We are like intuitive ninja’s on your wedding day, we will find all the emotion, excitement and action!

I sure hope you enjoyed these Tips for Palm Beach Couples from your favorite Palm Beach Pro Photographer, and you are sure to have an EPIC wedding day!

To all the beautiful Palm Beach and beyond couples out there, your wedding day is just the beginning of a lifetime filled with love, adventures, and countless memories. And hey, if you ever find yourself in Costa Rica on your honeymoon, don’t forget I LOVE TO TRAVEL!! Haha 🌺

Happy planning and God bless! 💕 We would be happy to help, anytime! Contact

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wedding day Reception Wedding reception Wedding day fun Bride and groom Jupiter wedding Jupiter wedding couple Jupiter engagements Jupiter engagement Jupiter wedding photographer