Welcome to the blog!!

Dawn Burns

Hello! Welcome to my BLOG! I am Dawn Burns, a portrait and wedding Photographer who specializes in Weddings + Portraits. My style is romantic, timeless, and emotional. I strive to create images that have a blend of beauty and grace with a side of dreamy. I love unposed, candid, real moments with nose scrunches and uncontrollable laughter. I love getting the in between moments that truly show who you are as a couple. I believe in letting my couples take a deep breathe in and helping them to relax, trust and exhale so they can enjoy their whole day.  Every moment, every feeling, I live to capture. Photography started for me with a love for nature in Hawaii. It was my outlet, my adventure and my peaceful escape all rolled into one. I loved getting alone with God and my camera and seeing the beauty in everything.  After doing this for a while, people began to notice my talent and work. They began asking if I worked with people. I had never considered it other that the occasional family photos. In 2007 I gave into their begging (haha I may be exaggerating that a little) and shot my first engagement shoot and wedding. I was IN LOVE. I found a way to combine my two favorite things; love and nature. When God found me my perfect husband I became even more passionate about love stories. He brought every single part of it together. Ours is my favorite, but I absolutely live to tell them all! I have this excitement for love and for you to remember all of your moments forever. I have been part of almost 100 couples saying I do and I cannot believe I get to do this everyday! In 2015 I quit my day job of 22 years to do what I love. I am truly blessed and I’m loving every minute of it! Thank you to Ashlee Nicole Photography for the lovely images!