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Where My Girls At?!

Where my Girls at?!

Where My Girls at?!

ITS TIME! Your honey has asked and you said yes! Now you are tickled pink and can’t wait to start planning. First things first, deciding who will stand with you on your wedding day. These girls, your girls have been through thick and thin with you and you can’t imagine not having them stand there with you as you say I DO. Here is some cute way to honor these special friends

1) Send them a package. A cute little box with a hand written card asking if they will be your maid of honor or brides maids. Consider including a special trinket or picture of the two of you in the box.

2) A singing telegram! What better way to ring in the excitement of the impending day than a booty shaking singer asking you’re homey to wobble down the aisle with you.

3) An edible arrangement or a box of chocolate. What girl doesn’t like a little chocolate or fruit? Send her a nice little gift letting her know how special she is to you and that you cannot imagine getting married without her standing next to you as you and your honey say “I Do”.

4) Brunch. If you all live in the same city. Have the girls over for brunch and when they get there have a special cake or cupcakes that say, “Will you be my bridesmaids” if you have been planning far enough ahead and know the wedding colors you can incorporate the colors into the brunch.

5) T-shirts– There are so many cute shirts out there now with script or graphics. Have shirts made for each of your girls and put them in cute little bags with a note asking if they will be your bridesmaids. They can wear these shirts at the bachelorette party or on the morning of the wedding while getting ready.

6) Pick up the phone! Phone calls are such a rarity these days. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, and text we have very little need to make an actual phone call. This is one of those occasions that a phone call would be perfect! Call that special friend and ask her if she will journey with you during this adventure.

7) Are you super creative, or crafty? Sit down and put together your creation that screams you and use that to ask your special ladies!

8) Are you a photographer or do you just love photographs??? How about using a picture of your self and your fiancé holding signs that say, “Will you be in our wedding party?!” You can use these to give to the girls and guys! Plus they can frame and keep them!

9) Here is another idea for asking both the guys and girls whom you and your honey have chosen if they can be a part of your day. Have a cook out and celebrate engagement party style while you ask your closest friends to share in your special day.

10) Finally, not everyone lives local and this may mean that you have to ask some very important people to be a part of your day from afar. If you can’t jump on a plane to see them and ask in person, use Skype or Facetime. Give them a call and ask them face-to-face. If you did have special gifts or cards made for the local peeps, maybe have a copy there with you and when they answer you can hold it up so they can see it. Or mail it to them and tell them they are NOT allowed to open the package until they call you and you are face to face.

No matter how you chose to ask your friends to share in your special day, be sincere and do a little something to ensure they feel special. It really is an honor to share this journey with you.Where my Girls at?!Where my Girls at?!Where my Girls at?!Where my Girls at?!Where my Girls at?!Where my Girls at?!

Written by Gwendolyn Parrish