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It was the perfect evening. The perfect setting. You were wearing the perfect new dress. Everything about this experience was just… perfect. You’re pretty sure you’ve never felt this euphoric before.You’re engaged! And that rock? You just can’t. stop. looking at it!!!Without a doubt, there are plenty of things swirling through your head right now. […]


6 BIG Regrets booking your Photographer: 6 BIG Regrets to Avoid When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

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Genna + Joe’s first date started in 2016 on the night that Trump was voted into office. So Genna and her dad were on cloud 9. As the story goes, Joe swears that Genna blew him off, but Genna tells a different story. Joe quicky climbed up the ladder of love. By impressing all the […]


Genna + Joe’s FUN Jupiter Engagement